About us

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The Cinchy Cowgirl (Formerly known as the The $99 Tack Set Shop) was created by another horse enthusiast, like yourself! We wanted to create a store, specializing in headstall sets (plus a few other things) that were quality, affordable products. If there's one goal we have it's too never lose the personal touch and connection we have with all of our customers! We also want to help you stand out! We love bling, glitter, shiny things and more! In addition to low cost, quality horse products we also want to thank you for your business by offering FREE stuff with every purchase over $100! The more you purchase, the 'better' the gift! We try to keep tack purchases with tack gifts and apparel purchases with apparel gifts. 

We are continuing to expand our selection of women's apparel, gifts, home decor & accessories. 

Below you will find general information about our company. For information regarding deliveries or returns please see the Delivery Information & Returns tab at the bottom of the page. Failure to do so may result in request being denied.




What type of payment do you accept?
We accept accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, we sure do! You can purchase them on the website under ' Gift Voucher' at the bottom of your screen. We can also mail a physical gift certificate to any address. 

What are Wild Guess saddle pads?
Wild Guess are pads that are offered at SUPER discount. What's the catch? The color is sent at random! We do not have control over what color the warehouse will send, which is why these are discounted. If color isn't a factor, take advantage of these pads. They are 30-50% off regular priced pads.

Do you have any tips for the care of your products?
We recommend you clean all leather products at least once a week. Sweat and fluid will eat away at any leather, so wiping sweat off immediately will also help. We advise you put clear nail polish or glue on the back of all screws and conchos to secure them. This will prevent them from coming loose and falling off. WE DO NOT COVER IF YOUR CONCHO FALLS OFF. We provide care instructions and if followed properly, your conchos will not fall off. Check your tack briefly before and after a ride. Screws are meant to unscrew and they WILL. Secure them! 

Can we separate sets?
Yes! You will see options on each set that you can select either the headstall or the breast collar. 

I received tracking, but it doesn't work. Is it incorrect?
Chances are the post office just hasn't checked it in yet. Wait 24 hours and if there's still nothing, let us know so we can double check the tracking for you! 

Free gifts
Free gifts are for online orders over $100. There is no coupon code needed, just spend $100 before any shipping charges and a free gift will be included with your order! All saddles ship with a free protective cover (if there is a gift promo going on, that free gift will replace the free saddle cover). 

Do you donate to charity events, auctions, 4-H, etc.?
We love to donate, but unfortunately cannot donate to everyone. If you're interested in a donation, please send us a SHORT (please do not send us the history of your organization and a lengthy paragraph) message letting us know the date, cause, what you're needing, etc. and we will look into it. If we need more information we will let you know. We do our best to donate to local organizations first, then we will branch out to others across the nation. 

If you're looking to purchase a large quantity for event prizes, etc...please contact us and we can possibly offer a bulk discount!